About Us

We created Wellx because better communication leads to better healthcare.

Creating great software for healthcare starts with understanding doctor-patient relationships.

As the best doctors know, being a great physician means doing two jobs. As a clinician, you perform labs, calculate dosages and apply the best evidence. As a caregiver, you listen to your patients' concerns, help them through their treatment and educate them about their health.

That's where Wellx comes in. Wellx creates effective online patient relationships that complement in-person visits and substitute for phone calls and voicemails. Instead of busy phone lines and rushed appointments, doctors can efficiently and safely communicate with their patients online. It saves time, improves the patient experience and leads to better care.

In August 5, 2015, meshMD Inc acquired Wellx

meshMD Inc is based in Toronto. Since its launch in 2008, the market has embraced meshMD’s solutions with thousands of healthcare providers using the platform daily. meshMD’s customers include some of the largest hospital systems, pharmacies, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies in North America.