Contact your doctor online.

Say goodbye to busy signals and long hold times when you need to…

  • Receive a test result
  • Ask a question
  • Stay informed about your health

When you connect with your doctor on Wellx, you can contact them anytime by sending a secure message. And they can send you information, test results and reminders about your health.

Unlike regular email, Wellx is built to protect your privacy. It's designed to meet Canadian standards for sharing health information online, so you and your doctor can use Wellx with confidence.

What people say about Wellx:

It is great because I can get in touch with my doctor sooner. Thank you for this wonderful service.
It's good to be able to ask the doctor a question without having to make an appointment. With 4 kids that's a blessing!
It's very easy to use and saves time as opposed to waiting on the phone.

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