A whole new way to communicate with your doctor.

Send private messages to your doctor's office.

Have a question? A concern? Or just want to let your doctor know how you're doing? It's easy with Wellx: just sign in and send a message, instantly – you never have to wait on hold.

Plus, your doctor can send you messages, too: things like test results, health resources and information about your care.

It can be hard to remember everything you hear in the exam room. With Wellx, you can access information about your health online, anytime.



Look up information about your care team.

Ever wonder when your doctor's office is open? Or what to do if they're on vacation? Once you've connected with your doctor on Wellx, you have access to their hours and contact information. They can also post vacation notices to let you know when they're away and where to get help while they're gone.

Stay up-to-date with news and reminders.

Every few months, your doctor needs to let all of their patients know about something like a flu shot clinic, a drug recall or a recommended test. If you're on Wellx, you'll get these updates electronically instead of by mail.