Frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost?
It's free! Wellx is completely free for patients.
Why do I have to create a Wellx account? Why can't I just email my doctor?
Doctors and other healthcare providers need to comply with privacy laws that prohibit them from using most email services to share sensitive personal health information. By using Wellx instead, they (and you) can be assured that your data is private, protected and fully auditable.
Can other people at my doctor's office access my messages?
Yes, if your doctor works with them as a team. Often it's better (and faster) for the receptionist or a nurse to respond to your question instead of your doctor. We trust that everybody in the practice will keep your information in confidence. If you have a sensitive issue that you want to discuss specifically with your doctor, please speak to them in person.
Who owns my data on Wellx?
Unlike your chart, you can access your own data on Wellx at any time, for free. If you decide to cancel your account, we'll help you take your data with you if you'd like. Doctors and other healthcare providers are required to keep a copy of your information, though, so you can't delete your messages after they are sent.
Why should I trust Wellx with my information?
Protecting your personal health information is critical to our business, and we'd never violate your trust by selling or otherwise re-using your information without your consent. We've designed Wellx to protect your personal health information in compliance with Canadian law, and all of your data is stored in Canada. Unless you or your doctor need us to access specific information for support purposes, we don't access the messages that you exchange with your doctor (and if we have to for support, we are bound by our privacy policy and confidentiality agreements not to share that information with anyone else). You can read more about how we protect your information in our privacy policy.
Do you have an Android/Blackberry/Windows Phone app?
Not yet. However, you can access the Wellx website from your phone using an interface that automatically adapts to the smaller screen. We'd love to release apps for other platforms soon. If you're interested, please let us know.
If I sign in with Facebook, will you share my information on Facebook?
Absolutely not. Signing in with Facebook just saves you from having to create a new password: it's like using your Facebook account as a passport to Wellx instead of becoming a full citizen. We never share information about your health, your doctor or anything else back to Facebook or to your friends. (P.S.: We use Facebook ourselves to access our own Wellx accounts.)
I forgot my password!
You can reset your password by clicking here.
I have a suggestion for improving Wellx.
Great! We love getting feedback. Email our design team directly and we'll get back to you right away.