Wellx integrates with compatible EMRs.

Send messages directly from your chart.

Wellx lets you send secure messages to patients directly from your charts, using features built-in to your EMR. You can send messages, attach requisitions and results, and invite new patients to register.

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that all EMRs will be compatible with Wellx. Contact us to find out if your EMR is compatible.

Keep your EMR up to date.

Wellx lets you easily review your past correspondence with any patient using the patient timeline. But if you discuss a new treatment or symptom via Wellx, you might want a copy of that conversation in your EMR, too.

With just a couple of clicks, you can copy the full text of any conversation into your chart.

Are you an EMR or app developer?

We'd love to integrate with your product to give your customers the best possible experience. Contact us to start the discussion.