Frequently asked questions.

How many messages will I get each day? Won't it be a lot of extra work?
This is a very common fear. It turns out that even our most active doctors only spend 10 - 15 minutes a day replying to and sending messages. The time that they spend on Wellx is time that they would have spent on the phone – or worse, leaving voicemail – and they prefer the convenience and efficiency of reading and sending Wellx messages. Also, a majority of the messages you receive can be answered by your receptionist, and Wellx makes it easy to triage messages within your team.
How do I sign up?
If you'd like to try Wellx in your practice, call us at 1 (888) 502-7701 or email us at We can arrange a demo, help you find the best rate for your practice, and schedule training with you and your staff. We provide a 60-day money back guarantee for all new accounts.
How much does it cost?
Wellx is available at a range of subscription prices depending your type of practice, team size and desired support level. Discounts are available for large teams, recent graduates, and with yearly prepayment. We always offer a 60-day money back guarantee to new accounts because we know you'll be happy with Wellx. Contact us to get a quote for your practice.
What does it cost for patients?
Wellx is free for patients. We believe that there shouldn't be any barriers to access for patients who couldn't afford to pay a subscription fee, and that you'll see the most benefit to your productivity if all of your patients are accessible via Wellx.
Can I get paid for using Wellx?
Not yet. There's currently no fee code (in Ontario) for communicating with patients online. Unfortunately, we can't change this – but you can help, by encouraging the OMA to raise this in their negotiations.
Why do I have to pay a subscription fee? Can I just buy Wellx and install it in my practice?
Your Wellx subscription includes: ongoing product updates, bug fixes, feature improvements, fully-managed security and backups, access to Wellx from anywhere (including via our iPad app) and support. We think it's a great deal for most practices, because you shouldn't have to manage servers and software just to do your job. If you're a large institution and would like to host Wellx in your own data centre, please contact us to discuss your needs.
How do I enrol patients in Wellx?
We've made it easy to register your patients. You simply enter their email address, and when they get home, they can sign up online. We can help you invite any patients for whom you already have an email address – we typically see patients start to respond within minutes of sending out that first batch of invitations. Then we provide a handout and poster to let patients know about Wellx at their next appointment.
Do I need to have patients sign a special consent form?
No – we've built that into our sign up process for patients. When they create an account, they agree to an appropriate use policy that is based on recommendations from the CMPA and their agreement is recorded.
Do you provide training and support?
Yes. Training on Wellx typically takes only half an hour, and we provide a reference guide for all of Wellx's features that you can refer to later. We're always available by phone and email to answer specific questions. We also provide support directly to patients who've forgotten their password or are having other issues with the site, so there's no additional burden on your staff.
How long do you store my data?
We'll keep storing your Wellx data as long as you have a subscription with us. It's backed up, audited and fully accessible. If you cancel your subscription, we can provide all of your data to you for permanent storage. We recommend that, if you discuss specific diagnostic or treatment issues with your patients, you also enter a record of that discussion into your medical record.
Who owns my patient data on Wellx, and how is it used?
Protecting your patients' information is critical to our business, and we'd never violate your trust by selling or otherwise re-using your information without your consent. We've designed Wellx to protect personal health information in compliance with Canadian law, and all of your data is stored in Canada. Unless you or your patients need us to access specific information for support purposes, we don't access your messages (and if we have to for support, we are bound by our privacy policy and confidentiality agreements not to share that information with anyone else). You can read more about how we protect your information in our privacy policy.

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