Leading doctors and healthcare organizations use Wellx.

At Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, we spend much time looking at the latest advances in technology, and how we can use them to improve care to our patients. Which brings us to our latest step forward: Wellx.
Dr. Paul Dempsey

Patient messaging has improved the efficiency of my practice and allowed me to have a less crowded schedule, even as I continue to enrol more patients. I feel better connected to my patients and I regularly hear that they appreciate this service.
Dr. David Verrilli

A terrific way to communicate with patients in an efficient and timely manner. No more telephone tag; an intuitive and easy to use interface for my secretary and myself. Also much appreciated by our patients.
Dr. Paula Nieuwstraten
I find Wellx very helpful. I especially like it for communicating results. I can explain the results and attach (as a PDF) the actual lab report, x-ray report, specialist consultation letter. I prefer this to actual telephone conversation or office visit – it saves time.
Dr. Abraham Hirsz

Your patients will thank you.

Here's what patients have told us about their Wellx experience:

It is great because I can get in touch with my doctor sooner. Thank you for this wonderful service.
It's good to be able to ask the doctor a question without having to make an appointment. With 4 kids that's a blessing!
It's very easy to use and saves time as opposed to waiting on the phone.

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